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Master’s Track

Okay, this post has absolutely nothing to do with small business finance. I am just so brimming with pride I had to share this. My sister, Toccata Wright Murphy, had an outstanding showing this past weekend at the USA Masters National Track and Field Championships in Berea, Ohio at Baldwin Wallace College. If I must say so myself (and I must, otherwise what kind of sister would I be?) she was simply outstanding. And this is less than two weeks after her great performance at the World Masters Track and Field Championships in Sacramento, California. (I know. The US is a little cuckoo. We hosted World’s before having our Nationals because the tracks are located at colleges with football teams and those stadiums are no longer free after football training begins in August.)

(My sister, Toccata Murphy, is the one in front – far left – holding the baton.)

In the Master’s, you are divided into age categories. My sister ran in the 40-44 age category. Here’s a rundown of my sister’s performance at Nationals:

100m – 1st place
200m – 1st place
4x100m relay – 1st place
4x400m relay – 1st place

My sister, Toccata Murphy, anchored (ran last) both relays. She had NEVER run a 400m in competition in her life and hadn’t run one in practice since she was a teenager until 2 weeks ago . So kudos to her and her teammates on that 1600m relay.

While I’m here, I’ll share her performance at World’s:

100m – 3rd place
200m – 4th place
4x100m relay – 1st place

I ran in the Master’s World Championships in Italy in 2007 but haven’t run since. I will run again…in a few years. Until then, my sis will be my inspiration and make me very proud. My parents taught my siblings and I to pursue excellence in all areas of our lives with passion – mental, spiritual, and physical – in order to achieve and maintain true balance and happiness. Different areas of one’s life ebb and flow at different times but this broad focus has helped me to maintain perspective all my life.

Enough personal. Back to the finance next post!


About Tiffany C. Wright

Hi! I,Tiffany C. Wright, am the author of the ebook, "Help! I Need Money for My Business Now!!" and the book "Solving the Capital Equation: Financing Solutions for Small Businesses", available on Amazon. I am the president of Toca Family Business Services, a short-term & project-based interim management & strategic and financial advisory firm, located in Atlanta, Georgia. In the past five years I've helped small and medium companies restructure and obtain over $31 Million in financing and a similar amount in purchase orders and contracts. I have an MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurial Management from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and a B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering from The Ohio State University. Personal: I enjoy investing. I am a prodigious reader of everything from business books, magazines, and newspapers to horror and popular fiction. I read 4-6 books per month. I also love to travel. I've been to 33 countries on 5 continents and lived in Japan for 2.5 years and aim for a foreign locale twice a year. I am also an athlete and run track on the Master's Circuit. The highlight was placing 7th in my age group in the 2007 World Master's Track and Field Championships in Italy.


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The Resourceful CEO, Tiffany C. Wright

the president of Toca Family Business Services, a strategic and financial advisory firm which provides short-term & project-based C-level management. She is the author of Solving the Financial Equation: Financing Solutions for Small Businesses, available on Amazon.

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